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Welcome 2019! A New Year at Altheta Design Group

If you’re like me, you’re ready for a brand-new year, full of new blessings and exciting opportunities! A new year is a time to make changes, sharpen one’s focus and reach for new heights. Which makes it a perfect time to launch Altheta Design Group’s refined campaign - one that will benefit our customers, business partners and the community.

As we close out 2018 and enter 2019, we at Altheta Design Group are constantly reminded of the fact that no person or company operates alone. We all need one another and to that end, our 2019 campaign is based on our belief that, through design, we can all support and build up one another.

Since our clients are our first priority, there are a couple of things that will remain unchanged. In 2019, we will continue to offer educational blogs similar to those that we have posted throughout 2018 (#corporatebrandingatitsbest). These are intended to help our clients and associates understand the industry and pursue increasingly effective marketing.

We also intend to continue to post inspirational quotes that motivate us and hopefully serve to encourage and lift up others.

In addition to these though, we are excited to offer two new features!

The first of these is something that we are referring to as a vendor/ client spotlight (#raisinguponeanother). We are working with six different clients and vendors that we plan to feature throughout 2019. By highlighting different products and business practices, along with the varied approaches to marketing these, we can all learn and draw motivation from one another.

The second is a focus on those charitable organizations (#adgsupportsgivingback) that we support and whose unflagging devotion to the welfare of others is an example for all of us.

Through all of these practices - new and old - we at Altheta Design Group hope to emphasize that by building up one another, we are all better off. Join us in welcoming 2019 as a year of growth and unity!

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